Started making my first Apps

Started making my first Apps

Working on an Android Apps

After the Android Course, I have been reading more info on Android App Developement, and have started making my first App. Well… actually, I am making a few. I wanted to make my first few apps to help out a local community of some sort. One of those will be a “Magic the Gathering” Life Counter for MtG players in a local club. The other will be a support app for a board game named “Conquest”, for a friend of mine, who made a game.

The second app will make me a few problems, and I am looking forward to find their solutions. I will have to make a dual/double timer, for two players, so that, when 1st player’s time runs out, the 2nd players time goes up, and in reverse.

As for MtG Life Counter, i think it will be an easy project, with several integer variables, and buttons that will add or subtract  number of Life points.

Also, I am looking forward to see how to work with google ads.

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