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By Milan Maksimović

New steps in Android

So, I’m making an app that needs several activities, for the first time, ever… This was really nice, I found out how to make a new activity, and call it (open it). However, there was a big twist. I needed 5 new activities, and I needed only one of them to open, based on number of…
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Problem #1 [Excited]

So, I started working on a Conquest Timer App. First problem I have found is >> How to add time to one timer for each second the other timer used <<. Naturally, I started looking for a solution. I have found some timer documentation, but still I haven’t found the exact solution. It was time…
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Started making my first Apps

After the Android Course, I have been reading more info on Android App Developement, and have started making my first App. Well… actually, I am making a few. I wanted to make my first few apps to help out a local community of some sort. One of those will be a “Magic the Gathering” Life…
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Started learning Android

Today my Android course has started. A lot of new people, some of them are old(er), and some of them are having trouble using windows. This will be fun. I hope to learn to develop Android Apps nicely, and soon. Further updates comming. [UPDATE] Started learning Java OOP, as a base for Object-oriented Android programming.…
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