Hello world!

Hello world!

Yes, of course… Hello World! What other words could I use for my first blog post?
Yes, I do write a blog now, and you are here, so you must know that by now. Why am I doing that, and why are you here? Well, I am using this here blog as my personal space, to write stuff down, and have a nice look over my past projects, starting and end times, problems I have encountered, and solutions I have found. And you? I guess you are here to offer me a position as a Java Programmer in your company…

if (jobOffer = true){
printf("Proceed to the Contact Page!")
} else {
printf("Keep reading, you might change your mind")

OK, now… for all you asking what does Javašluk (javasluk) stands for, It’s a word we use in Serbia, meaning negligence, disorder, and laziness. NO, I am not negligent, disorderly, or lazy. I used the word just because of a game of words, considering JAVA as a base.

So, What do we do now?

I know I am going to step up my game with hard work. You can follow my progress, ask questions, post comments, and whatever I make possible on this Blog. You can even share my thoughts, tell people about me, and help me push through the projects. Or you can just relax, read my blog, and celebrate with me, for every completed project. And wish me luck. I am going to need it.

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