Problem #1 [Excited]

Problem #1 [Excited]

So, I started working on a Conquest Timer App. First problem I have found is >> How to add time to one timer for each second the other timer used <<.

Naturally, I started looking for a solution. I have found some timer documentation, but still I haven’t found the exact solution. It was time for Stack Overflow to come to my aid, so I posted a problem on SO. You can find it HERE.

You are of course encouraged to leave your comments here, tell me your opinions, and post solutions you believe I need.

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  1. Jovan Damjanovic says:

    Easiest solution – keep track of total time for both in a constant and elapsed time for player one. Then all you need to do to calculate player two is substract player one time from the total. I bet with some playing around you could optimize it all to work around only one timer instance.

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